Going to give it a go

I purchased 60cm of San Pedro Cactus and when it arrived I decided I was going to give it a go.

I had drank San Pedro once before (2 tall glasses of dried San Pedro) and I had a fairly mild experience. I was told I had an above average dose by a friend of mine and I believed I had "experienced"
San Pedro and was walking into the same sort of situation by extracting Raw San Pedro myself. Boy was I ever wrong.

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I cut 8" of San Pedro into small star slices, cut them into quarters and put them into a blender with approximately the same amount of water and blended it into a slush.

I then decided I was going to drink a small cup of the slush to see if it would have an effect. I had a mild buzz and had a very fun time cooking the rest of the San Pedro down into a proper tea.
(dont try this at home, it tastes terrible)

I put the very light green slush into a large pot and cooked on low tempature until it turned to a dark green slime, I then cooked for about 4-5 hours until I had about 1/4 of the pot left.

I had heard cooking San Pedro to take 4 hours, and leaves one with 1 small cup of tea. However I cooked for 4-5 hours and ended up with approximately 1 fairly large cereal bowl of tea. I was unsure
if I had cooked it properly but decided it looked and smelt like it was proper San Pedro.

It was a foggy day so I decided I'd put it in the fridge till the next day. 1 Day turned into the better part of a week and the San Pedro was still sitting in a sealed tuperware container in the fridge.

It wasn't frozen so I was wondering if it would still be good after almost 5 days in the fridge. After much internal debate with myself, I decided I would drink a small coffee cup full and see the effects.

Setting: In my backyard

I slowly sipped on a coffee mug of very bitter and sour tasting San Pedro tea that was thick and rolled down my throat as if it was snot. It had a vicuous consistancy to it and as it hit my stomach and
made me nauseaus and gave my stomach knots. I could feel it moving around in my stomach like a living breathing slime creature was inside me fighting to get out. Strange I thought. After 15-20 minutes
half the coffee mug was gone and I realized I made tea much more powerful then I had expected (from half a cup of barely 8" of the plant, this stuff is potent).

I had a funny feeling I made a mistake drinking today and decided I'd put it back in the fridge and wait till the next day. It was almost 4 in the afternoon and San Pedro can last upwards to 15+ hours.

I didn't want to be up all night tripping into the next day.

I put the San Pedro away and had a strange feeling the cactus wanted me to drink more. I was wrestling with uncertaincy inside myself. To drink or not to drink? Seems to always be a problem with me...

Should I ask her out or not? Should I go to my friends tonight or not? Should I walk or get a ride to the store? Why am I always uncertain on things in life? No one is certain about life...


With this strange feeling of needing a new self esteem, new confidence, a new conciousness, and more freedom, and a strange feeling it was disrespectful for me to drink half a cup and put the rest away,
I decided I was in for it, I drank half a cup and the cactus is telling me to DRINK MORE. I can't deny the master plant that has helped mankind for thousands upon thousands of years.

I chugged the rest of my coffee cup, refilled it to the top, and drank another full cup.

20 minutes later, on my back deck....

I'm hunched over in my lawn chair, with my stomach in knots and feeling nauseous as can be, I am almost on my knees with this horrible feeling in my stomach like my belly will just explode any minute.

Next thing I know, PURGE, i took a couple huge, heaping pukes of san pedro snot that came out almost as easy as it went down. I sit back up with a huge smile of excellence on my face, the journey begins!!

As I sit on my backdeck, my thoughts are given new dimension to them, all my thinking seems improved and I feel like i can better grasp things I am thinking about, I can feel my soul overlapping my body,
and another soul overlapping that soul. I realized my soul has layers upon layers like boxes inside of boxes that go on into infinity, with the last layer being the entire
universe and all dimensions at once overlapped. I pondered this strange connection and the more I pondered the more perplexed I became. "I'll never understand it" i thought, as I decided I'd go and
lay on the couch.

San Pedro Cactus

As I lay on the couch I seen strange visions of plant-like worlds similar to things I have seen in the videogame guild wars 2 or World of Warcraft. It was if World of Warcraft was based off of a San Pedro
experience, or maybe a real world that exists that we did not know about. I seen very strange things and felt as if I was filled with positive energy and intuition.
I was struck with very strange positive feelings and visions of other worlds. I also started to see the dark side as I began to see hell in my carpet. I tried not to pay attention and
as I became sucked into it, I realized getting up to do something is better then sitting here getting sucked into hellish realms of disgust and torment that would inevietably lead to a bad experience
for another 10-12 hours.

I go upstairs, and lay down, as I look at my 2 plants, I feel connected to them like they love me and they are sending me positive energy and letting me know they love me. I could see strange
attributes to them and they started to shapeshift and transform into entirely different more complex objects and after that transform into even more complex objects beyond that. I realized If I watched
them forever or had drank enough San Pedro they would transform into everything that could possibly exist and into infinity itself.

At this point I started pondering what are these plants really? What about the windowsill? What was it really? It transforms into something more advanced when I watch it for long enough, and it seems more
real then it does when I am not drinking San Pedro. What is this room really? Then I dawned upon the ultimate question....WHO AM I?! What is a human BEING?!

As i pondered the human form and human society, I watched as aliens in buisness suits arrived on earth, creating mankind as some sort of pest to take over mother earth and steal her resources.

I started to ponder our society, it is all FAKE. Highly advanced beings known as trees had been killed and nailed together to create this wall of a house. My fridge, contains 3 different species of beings
who have been imprisoned in concentration camp style conditions to bring me a meal. and why am I eating it? not because I'm hungry but because I'm greedy and I consume consume consume. Ice-cream, what
kind of animal eats ice-cream? its not actual nourishment. I dont see tigers eat desert I see them hunt! I don't see them imprison enemies in cages.

What are human beings? PESTS pests to the earth. We are killing everything for our own greed. What are we really? Beyond the vial are we monsters? As I am thinking this, i got a strange feeling like
the San Pedro cactus was present. I felt as if he wanted to eat me, as if, me being a human (a monster destroying the earth) didnt go along very well with the San Pedro plant, and I was in danger of being
hurt. Like I was tricked into drinking the San Pedro so the San Pedro could eat me, like I ate him, or like I am going to eat the chicken in my fridge. Like the tables have turned, and the consumer was
about to be consumed himself by the very potion he brewed and consumed!

I got a very strange feeling the San Pedro was about to hurt me for being a human pest on the planet, so I ran down into my backyard and curled up on my lawnchair.

"Please don't hurt me I will respect the earth and help her against the human invaders" I thought, as the scenery changed and I witnessed a giant vaccination needle entering into mother earth.

No, it is part of a divine plan, I realized, like a vaccination, a virus purposely injected to boost the immune system. Mother earth will survive humanity and she will evolve to be even stronger.

Human beings are helping mother earth, like how a purposely injected virus makes us immune to diseases, so will humans make mother earth immune to her next threat. This is all a divine plan I was taught
in strange visions where I watched mankind battle in religious wars and wars for oil while a few awakened annointed ones like Jesus, Krishna and the Buddha appeared to bring us the knowledge of the earth.

This went on for a while, I also watched the blending of duality and yin and yang aswell.

Now I'm inside, tired, and still tripping hard, its been HOURS and i felt like ive learned all there is to learn about myself mankind and the universe.

I am watching strange 2D beings appearing all over the place, As I listen to music and feel strange vibrations and things in the music I've never heard before. Its pretty freaky but I am enjoying it.

The surround sound makes some strange energy grid around me and I feel as if something intense is about to happen, like I'm in some strange ritual of music and I am the centrepiece. I have a strange
feeling something amazing is about to happen, so I wait.....something fantastic can happen any moment I keep thinking it, as beautiful scenes of amazing worlds appear all over the place and I have a feeling
I am being watched and protected by God at all times in my life, and always have been, and that everything is always planned and ment to be in a perfect syncronistic fashion throughout our entire lives
but we never have realized it.

San Pedro Cactus

I also had a discussion with my father, as I was talking to him he was transforming into some strange geometric grid in the shape of a human, and his face kept becoming a mixture of strange shapes and
tubular veins overlapping his actual face. I found it quite an interesting conversation thats for sure.

It is now 4am and I am TIRED but still tripping hard. I sit out back and have one of the best most fulfilling puffs of tobacco on my back deck that i have maybe ever had in my life thinking THIS IS THE

I then go up to bed, and try to sleep. Once the lights are off, I get a strange feeling something evil or bad could happen at any moment, so I lay still and silence my mind until I sleep.

Woke up the next day and felt AMAZING for days afterwords. Really amazing medicine San Pedro is.

Overall I must say, for an 8" cutting, I drank 2 big cups of san pedro and was flying!! Easily one of the best and most powerful experiences of my entire life. I still had 2 more cups left afterwords I
never got to drinking. I also have another half of the cactus to drink and am almost intimidated by how powerful it was, I will definitely be waiting a while before I drink that aswell.

San Pedro is definitely something to be respected. It is a master plant so say the peruvians and shipibo shamans and teachers. It can show you amazing worlds and profoundly change somebody. Weither it
makes you hallucenate or shows you the real truth of reality is a question I'm sure people will be asking for along time but anybody who has experienced it knows it requires RESPECT.

It is called San Pedro after Saint Peter who holds the keys to the gates of heaven. I can see why they would call it that after this experience.

San Pedro Cactus